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Surf & Waves

Red Island is home to one of the most consistent beach-breaks in Indonesia. Red Island truly is a surfer’s paradise. We host guests from all over the world that travel to Red Island to experience fun, uncrowded waves and a relaxed village atmosphere.There are a variety of waves that are ideal for all levels of surfers. The waves at Red Island are sand bottom.

Feel free to have a look at our video below for a tiny glimpse at what surfing looks like here at Red Island Surf Camp. Red Island is a calm and tranquil place that gives you all the joy of surfing on a beach that’s not overcrowded with tourists.

Many people who visit Red Island come here to learn to surf and improve their technique, and that is because we have some of the funnest, uncrowded waves in Indonesia. Regardless of your skill level, coming to Red Island will provide you with a new and exciting surfing experience.

Red Island waves are excellent all year round, therefor you can visit anytime of the year. From May until November we have the most consistent swells, which is the ideal time for more experienced surfers.


If this is the first time you’ve taken a surf tour in Bali,Java or anywhere else in Indonesia; you might feel a little intimidated by the reef breaks and large waves. However, at Red Island, the waves are suitable for beginners to surf all year round. So, it doesn’t matter when you arrive because you can avoid the heaviest waves until you feel a little more confident. The surf camp staff are always on hand to offer advice or give you directions to the best spots.


Guests who enjoy surfing longboards can also visit Red Island at any time of the year because the uncrowded surf if perfect for that activity. You will always have lots of space, and so you don’t need to worry about bumping into other surfers or feeling claustrophobic in the water. You can even learn to surf using longboards for the first time while you’re here. The possibilities are endless.

Intermediate / advanced

Advanced surfers can also come and visit us at any time, it is advisable to book your trip between the months of May and November for the best conditions. That will help to ensure the waves are at their best, and you’ll get the most exciting experience possible. So, make sure you consider that advice before booking your trip to Java from Bali or anywhere else in Indonesia.

While surfing is a massive part of what we do here, there are also loads of other great activities. As such, if you’re interested in what else there is to offer, feel free to have a cheeky look at all our other photos.

Regardless of whether you want to learn to surf or you want to come here to improve your skills and enjoy some of the uncrowded waves, Red Island has a lot to offer to everyone. All you need to do is get in touch with our team via this website, and we can put all the arrangements in place and create your booking.

Remember to ask us about the best trips around Bali and Java because we can reserve your tickets for those too. Our goal is to make sure you have a magical and life-changing experience during your stay.

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